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Restaurant business owners know that very often visitors to a cafe, bar or restaurant reserve tables in advance. It is for such tables that wood4food produces beautiful wooden signs, signs and pillars . They will wonderfully inform visitors about the availability of free tables and emphasize the status of the restaurant. You must admit that ordinary and banal plastic plates are practically muveton, but stylish wooden plates, signs and pillars are modern, fashionable and very beautiful!

Wood4food will create wooden signs for you of any shape, size and complexity using wood species such as beech, oak, ash or cherry. We produce wooden plates, pillars and signs of both standard types and custom-designed plates.

For production and ordering issues, please contact the specified phone numbers.

купить Plywood pillar 1000 mm

Plywood pillar 1000 mm

A large and original pavement sign is a necessary thing in every establishment. We are ready to make a pillar of any shape, size and complexity from the material you want. The products are durable and made only from environmentally friendly materials. Diameter: 1000 mm. Material: plywood. * We care about our clients and we have an individual approach to each of you. That is why, for you, we are ready to make this product from the desired types of wood, be it oak, ash, alder or cherry. Also, for an additional payment, it is possible to apply your company's logo on the surface of wooden products. These and other questions will be gladly answered by our managers at the indicated phone numbers....
3 600.00 грн.
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