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The original wooden stand is made of alder and has a hole for installing portioned ice cream in the cone. The stand is coated with oil and wax to extend its lifespan and is useful for original serving. If desired, the company logo can be applied to the surface of the product.

Wood4food is a Ukrainian brand dedicated to the production of custom-made natural wood products for cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs and professional kitchens. The production is based on wooden dishes, equipment, kitchen utensils and accessories used in the restaurant business. All products are made from environmentally friendly wood of various species, such as oak, ash, alder, cherry, birch, maple, etc. All manufactured products comply with international standards and norms.

Dimensions: 125 * 80 * 80mm; hole diameter 25 mm

Material: alder

Manufacturer: Wood4food, Ukraine


* This product can be made from other types of wood: ash, oak, pine, cherry, birch, maple. Also, for an additional payment, it is possible to apply your company's logo on the surface of wooden products. Check all the details with our managers at the specified phone numbers.