Today, the use of wooden products and accessories is gaining great popularity, both in home life and in the HoReCa segment. You have probably noticed that in most restaurants, instead of plastic ones, wooden table signs “reserve” are already used; at the entrance there are chalk stands announcing the special offer of this institution. And this is only a small part of what can be made of wood for HoReCa. These can be branded wooden signs, signs, chalk boards, trays, menu covers, napkin holders, cutlery stands and much more.

Studying this trend, we found that it is difficult and often impossible for restaurant business owners to find a manufacturer of wooden products that would fully meet their criteria: quality, timing, price. Based on this data and having experience in HoReCa, we launched Wood4Food project in 2014.

Wood4Food is the production of various wood products for individual orders for restaurants, cafes and bars in Ukraine. Our production is located in Ukraine , we use exclusively environmentally friendly wood and our products comply with all international standards and norms. Working with us, you will receive an individual approach, fulfillment of an order within the agreed time frame, branding and production of products according to individual design, and most importantly - reasonable prices.

Wood4Food is a project of a team of like-minded people who in 2007 founded a company selling tableware and kitchen accessories to restaurants, cafes and bars. This is the Al-Group project ( ), which today is one of the five market leaders in this segment, has a large customer base and a good reputation. The next stage in 2008 was the creation and development of the HORECA-EXPERT project ( ) in the market of professional technological equipment for HoReCa, which offered representatives of the restaurant and hotel business high quality equipment from well-known and time-tested world manufacturers.

Wood4food is a new, but rapidly developing every day, direction of our company.

We will be glad to cooperate with you and invite you to familiarize yourself with the presentation of our company. Download