Wood4food is a production of wooden tableware and wooden equipment, kitchen utensils, wooden accessories for bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars custom-made. We are a manufacturer of products that successfully compete and hold a leading position in the market. The company is in constant development and improvement of its production technologies. Our portfolio includes a number of successfully completed projects.

The range of products that our company produces is large enough, since we are able to fulfill absolutely any individual order. The product name includes universal wooden boards for serving and presentation, natural wood dishes, serving trolleys and exclusive wooden furniture. All this and much more is distinguished by amazing quality and incomparable beauty.


Production facilities are located directly in Ukraine. The production is equipped with modern high-precision equipment, includes a full cycle of manufacturing wooden products. The key point affecting the quality of the goods is production control at every stage, each specialist is responsible for his part of the work.

Today we have our own sawmill, woodworking shop and three production sites in Kiev, Western Ukraine and Odessa. The total area of production sites is more than 200 m 2 , and the total production turnover is about 1000 tons.

Individual order:

An important stage in working with clients is the stage associated with individual orders. We carefully listen to the wishes of our customers and then offer a design that would ideally fit the concept and design of the restaurant, pricing policy and even the location. After careful development of individual designs, we produce product samples. And only after the client approves the sample, we start production of the entire batch of products. Further, the scheme is simple, from the moment the sketch is approved until the complete manufacture of the most complex product takes up to two weeks. In rare cases, the term can be increased and is associated only with exclusive and non-standard solutions.


In production, wood4food uses only high-quality and reliable wood and only Ukrainian production. The criterion for choosing wood is a stable tree, a balance of price and quality, as well as the beauty of the pattern and texture. We care about safety, so we carefully select the wood from which we make our products. We provide certificates that the tree was grown in an ecologically clean area and legally cut down. We also provide a safety certificate for food paint, wax and other coatings.

The competitive advantage of our company is our many years of experience in the market, the formed trust and feedback from our customers. In addition, we have assembled a team of like-minded people, each member of which, responsibly treats all orders, truly cares about their work and are ready to fulfill even the most difficult order.